LEDshine - Surse si Corpuri de iluminat LED

LED Spotlights-Standard/COB/COB + SMD/Outdoor


LEDshine company sells several types of spots, grouped into 4 categories: Standard: incastrabila LED Spot Lamp ' classical ', used mainly in residential and commercial segment, as more economical alternative and reliable at halogen spots. COB: incastrabila Spot Lamp based on the new technology of LED Chip on Board (COB), ideal for accent lighting or general products from stores and supermarkets or offices or housing. COB + SMD: such spot lamp combines the advantages of two production technologies LED: COB (Chip on Board) and SMD (Surface Mount Device). Bright light, low consumption and long life are the attributes that we recommend for use in commercial and Office segment. Exterior: as deduced from the category in which it is listed, this spot lamp combines all the advantages of a regular LED spot, with the possibility of deployment on the outside due to IP 44/IP65 protection. Field of use is virtually unlimited, these lamps can be used both to illuminate the facades of shops, cafés, hotels, restaurants, office buildings or dwellings as well as gas stations, parking lots or industrial buildings.
Model: LED Spotlights-Standard/COB/COB + SMD/Outdoor

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Company name: LEDshine - Surse si Corpuri de iluminat LED
Address: Calea Floreasca 114-116
City: Bucuresti
Region: Bucuresti
Phone: 0737325263
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Web: www.LEDshine.ro